As it has always been the leader in providing quality domestic employees, Maids In Canada continues to deploy housemaids, nannies, drivers, cooks and other domestic employees of high standard in Canada households.

Guaranteed replacements & refunds

Not happy? No worry. A pioneering service from the leader Maids In Canada. For all one knows, no other maid agency offers this groundbreaking service.

Medically cleared maids

Your family’s health is our priority. That is why we strive to give you healthy maids to keep your home and your family healthy.

No criminal & civil case records

What is household help without peace of mind? You must enjoy the full benefits of household help without feeling troubled.

Maid in five minutes

Having no maid is grueling already. Getting one should be nothing but effortless. Get your maids fast and easy, now!

Delivers to your home right now

Fast service? Impressive. No need to leave your home? Now that is real service! Quality only comes from the leader Maids In Canada.



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